Collaboration and Affiliations

Academic Affiliations and Memberships

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Geographers and the American Association of Geographers. At York University, I am a Research Associate of the senate-chartered research-unit Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, where I am also a member of the Robarts Environmental Research Group.

The PowerStream Chair in Sustainable Energy Economics provides leadership in research and teaching in the area of energy and sustainability. For my term as PowerStream Chair, I sat on the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Initiative, an group housed within the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

I am working with a group of women scholars in the energy space to develop a network. You can learn more information about Women and Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER), including how to join, here.

Industry and Advocacy Affiliations and Memberships

Prior to my PhD, I worked in public policy in government, government agencies, a regulated utility, and advocacy (details here). I have worked with stakeholders and advised on policy related to climate change mitigation, carbon markets, transportation demand management, electricity and the use of coal and renewables, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the renewable energy standard offer program (RESOP).

With this professional experience, I enjoy collaborating with industry and advocacy groups. I sit on QUEST Ontario Caucus meetings. I am a member of the Canada Green Building Council. I have commented on energy policy for buildings and the electricity sector for both the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario.