Call for Papers on Community Energy for IPSA 2018

We are looking for panel papers on community energy! Please review the details and share as widely as possible.


Call for panel papers

World Congress of Political Science (IPSA) (July 21-26 2018), run concurrently with the Oceanic Conference on International Studies and the Australian Political Science Association Conference

Panel Organisers: Anna Berka (University of Auckland), Christina Hoicka (York University) and Julie MacArthur ​(University of Auckland)


Panel Group A. RC35 Technology and Development

Title: Community energy in global perspective: emergence and characterisation

The degree to which nations are actively embracing and pursuing civic energy agendas is highly variable, with countries such as Denmark, Germany, Sweden taking a different course from Spain, Canada, Australia and the UK. A substantive literature suggests that we will not make 2 degree climate mitigation targets without substantial consumer behavioural change, yet there is currently no common vision among energy policy makers over the need and benefits of deep public engagement in the energy transition. Debates on civic energy often romanticise notions of ‘community’ and tend to assume that there are only benefits, such as social cohesion, empowerment, rural development, energy awareness and consumption reduction. At the energy systems level other technical and economic concerns come into play, such as balancing and baseload power, energy market restructuring and universal access to energy. Moreover, for scholars researching these developments in cross-national comparisons are challenged by varied legal forms and political cultures at play in diverse national contexts. This panel seeks to bring together experts working at the meso and macro level of community energy system analysis, with a view to developing an more coherent international picture of the development of the sector and a strengthened empirical basis for assessing its impacts for energy transitions.

We welcome papers focusing on the following topics:

- What broad categories of community energy projects can we distinguish?

- Which attributes determine their local benefits?

- How have country-specific civic/community energy typologies emerged from its respective policy and energy systems context?

- What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of widespread local community engagement in the energy transition, both at local and energy systems level, pitting less tangible benefits against  cost-efficiency and economy of scales arguments?

- What are the determinants of country-level differences in the growth and development of civic and community energy?​

We are currently discussing the possibility of a journal special issue or edited book from the panel papers. If there are a significant number of high quality submissions we will submit a proposal for a panel series on the topic.

30 September


10 OCT 2017

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