You can check out my list of publications on my Google Scholar profile and Research Gate.

Current MES Students and Research Possibilities

If you are a current MES I student and you are interested in energy research, please contact me before the end of the Semester 2 I encourage you to take my course ENVS 6121 Community, energy and planning to learn more about my approach to investigating community energy topics.

Students who work under my supervision will normally take ENVS 6121 Community, energy and planning in Winter, followed by a 3-9 credit summer independent reaching course to prepare you for theory, concept, methods and to explore your dataset, and then the transitions course by the Fall (Semester 4), when we will prepare your research proposal.

Learn more about what other students have studied in the Social Exergy & Energy Lab.

Research Projects and Interests

I investigate problems in response to climate change where communities and energy systems intersect. The Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies is currently my research home.

I am currently leading the research project "Sustainable Energy Transitions: Linking Proenvironmental Behaviour to System Innovation". This project is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant. The purpose of this research project is to explore the links between consumer adoption of innovations in energy services and sustainability transitions in Ontario's energy sector. I am currently working with Dr. Runa Das and Dr. Jenny Lieu on this research.

I have worked with Prof. Julie MacArthur on an assessment and comparison of community energy projects in Canada and New Zealand and on the Electricity Infrastructure chapter in the Oxford Handbook on Energy Politics.

I have conducted research with Professor Jens Lowitzsch and Felicia van Tulder about renewable energy communities in the European Clean Energy Package 2019.

In another on-going project, I am assessing the financing of clean energy decisions in the commercial sector with Dr. Travis Gliedt and Sohrab Pathan (MES alumni). 

I am also working with Professor Shibani Chaudhury and a group of colleagues on a major review comparing biofuels policy, and technology between Canada and India. Professor Dawn Bazely has described this partnership in more detail here.