Email: cehoicka [at] yorku [dot] ca, or cehlab [at] yorku [dot] caTwitter: @socialexergy and @cehoicka

A great way to find out what I'm up to and thinking about is to follow me on Twitter.  I tweet about my research and teaching, climate change, community energy planning, innovation in energy services and systems, and about women in energy and STEM.

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Current Students:

My office is located in 728 Kaneff Tower in Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. If you are a current student and you have read through this website and you still have questions about my research and teaching, then you should contact me so we can meet in person! Our research group meets on Tuesdays and you are welcome to meet with us and learn about what we do.

If you are a current MES I student and you are interested in energy research, please contact me before the end of the Semester 2 I encourage you to take my course ENVS 6121 Community, energy and planning to learn more about my approach to investigating community energy topics.

Students who work under my supervision will normally take ENVS 6121 Community, energy and planning in Winter, followed by a 3-9 credit summer independent reaching course to prepare you for theory, concept, methods and to explore your dataset, and then the transitions course by the Fall (Semester 4), when we will prepare your research proposal.