Women Scholars in Energy - York University

Dr. Dawn Bazely: Professor, York University

dawn-bazelyDawn Bazely is a Professor of Biology in the Faculty of Science at York University, Toronto. Dawn was Director of IRIS, the university-wide Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability for 4 terms, spanning 2006-11 and 2012-14. From 2006 to 2011, Dawn led the Canadian section of the International Polar Year project, GAPS: Gas, Arctic Peoples and Security.

Dr. Shibani Chaudhury: Professor, Visva-Bharati University

shibani-chaudhuryShibani Chaudhury is a Professor at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, Bengal, India. She is a visiting Scholar to York University during her sabbatical year, 2016-2017. Shibani is an environmental scientist, who specializes in environmental toxicology. Together with colleagues in India and the UK, Shibani's BioCPV research, which is part of the Bridging the Urban and Rural Divide Project, has been aimed at delivering reliable electricity to villages in India that don't have it. Biomass from invasive plant species, such as water hyacinths and salvinia, produces the biogas, methane, through anaerobic digestion. The methane powers a generator, that kicks in when solar panels in the system don't work at night.

Dr. Gail Fraser: Associate Professor, York University

gail-fraserGail Fraser is an Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director. Her background is in marine and freshwater avian ecology. One of Gail's main areas of research is the environmental management of oil and gas extraction. Her research is entwined with her teaching; understanding how to critically examine environmental data requires knowledge of scientific thought and of ecology. Her goal as a teacher is to provide intellectually challenging and stimulating courses while providing the skills to think critically on environmental issues.

Dr. Christina E. Hoicka: Assistant Professor, York University

christinaChristina Hoicka is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies and PowerStream Chair of Sustainable Energy Economics at York University. With degrees in engineering, environmental studies and geography, her approach to research is cross- and interdisciplinary and she employs mixed-methods approaches. Her research examines problems where communities and energy systems intersect. She has conducted research on: the adoption of clean energy technologies; household engagement with smart grids; participation in community-based energy efficiency programs; and renewables integration into the electricity grid.

Dr. Baoxin Hu: Associate Professor, York University

Baoxin Hubaoxinhu is in the area of geomatics and her work develops remote sensing techniques for various environmental applications.



Dr. Regina Lee: Associate Professor, York University


Regina Lee is Chair of the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering at Lassonde, as well as Associate Professor for Space Engineering. She investigates innovative ways to reduce power use on platforms and payloads that go into space. Indirectly some of the instruments that she contributes to are also used for environmental monitoring.

Dr. Natasha Myers: Associate Professor, York University

Natasha Myers is amyersn associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at York University. Her ethnographic research examines forms of life in the contemporary arts, sciences, and ecologies. In new work, she is experimenting with ways to document the affective and energetic ecologies that take shape between plants and people, and among plants and their remarkably multi-species affines.

Dr. Dayna Scott: Associate Professor, York University

daynascott1Dayna Nadine Scott joined Osgoode’s faculty in 2006 after completing a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship at McGill’s Faculty of Law and a Hauser Global Research Fellowship at NYU. She is cross-appointed with York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. Professor Scott’s teaching is in environmental law and justice; risk regulation; and international environmental governance.


Dr. Gabrielle Slowey: Associate Professor, York University


Gabrielle Slowey is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. Her research concentrates on the political economy of resource extraction, unconventional oil and gas (oil sands and fracking), local resistance, environmental/ecological integrity, democracy, the duty to consult, land claims and self-government.


Dr. Anna Zalik: Associate Professor, York University

zalikannaAnna Zalik is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, Toronto. Anna teaches and advises in the areas of global environmental politics and critical development studies.